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Your Guide to Getting a Silk Press in Atlanta, GA

get a silk press in atlanta ga

Achieve a straight, silky finish without causing excessive damage to your hair. We can switch up your hairstyle without you having to worry about damaging chemicals and other products. Over the years, continuous innovation in hair salon services has made it possible to preserve your naturally curly hair while heat styling it. 

In this article, you’ll learn the basics of getting a silk press in Atlanta, GA, including the steps, products used, and the care instructions needed to maintain the look.

How It Works

Unlike other heat-styling methods, the silk press is a safe treatment that temporarily turns your curly or kinky hair into a straight, smooth look. Hairstylists use a combination of the right products, tools, and techniques to create your desired style.


The first step is deep cleansing, where the hair is thoroughly washed to remove oils, dirt, and product buildup. Then, deep conditioning is done to put moisture back into the hair and lock in ingredients. Hydration is necessary to achieve that natural shine.

After prepping the hair for heat styling, the stylist blow-dries it using brushes, heat protectants and serums, and hydrating mists. Finally, the strands are pressed together using a flat iron on moderate heat to create a refined, flowy, silky look, hence the name — silk press.

How to Maintain a Silk Press

A silk press can last from two to five weeks with proper maintenance. Humidity is essential to consider since exposure to warm and humid environments offsets the treatment. Sweat, water, and steam also cause hair to revert to its natural texture faster than expected.

After leaving the beauty salon, make sure to follow the tips below:

  1. Refrain from washing your hair.
  2. Wear a bonnet or use a silk pillow at night to help tame your hair.
  3. Do not apply too much oil to keep it looking light and flowy.
  4. Avoid other heat-styling methods to prevent damage.

What’s Next

When choosing the best hair salon, achieve a silky look for your hair. Only experienced and knowledgeable hairstylists can guarantee damage-free hair with proper maintenance despite the heat-styling methods of the treatment. So contact us today for an appointment.