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The Mane Tamer Hair Salon

How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions for Your Needs

natural hair extensions

Update your hairstyle and solve various hair concerns by using natural hair extensions. In Atlanta, GA, The Mane Tamer Hair Spa is proud to be the go-to salon for exceptional hair extension services. Our experienced stylists understand the importance of choosing the best option for your needs, so we are excited to share some helpful tips on making the right selection.

Factors to Consider

Hair Texture and Desired Style

Your hair texture and desired style are the first things you should consider when choosing natural hair extensions. Clip-ins may be the better option for those with thicker hair as they do not put as much strain on natural hair. However, we recommend permanent hair extensions for a more lasting solution. 


The cost is an essential factor in your decision. Aside from the price of the hair, there is also an added fee for the initial application and succeeding maintenance appointments with your stylist for hair salon services. With this in mind, you can choose the hair product that fits your budget.

Clip-Ins Versus Permanent Hair Extensions


Clip-ins are temporary hair extensions that can be applied and removed on the same day without professional assistance. This option is ideal for those needing a new hairstyle for a special occasion. 

Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions can be wefts or individual strands of human hair attached to your hair for a longer period. While you may need an expert for the initial application, they require less daily styling and have a more natural finish. 

Decide on What Is Best for You

Ultimately, choosing between temporary and permanent natural hair extensions depends on your desired look and lifestyle because both options have advantages and disadvantages. By considering our tips and your preferences, you can select from our array of products and achieve the hair of your dreams.