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How Much Do Keratin Treatments Cost in Atlanta, GA?


In a humid climate like the Southeast, frizzy hair and flyaways are all too common. That’s why many people consider getting a keratin treatment in Atlanta, GA, to smooth their hair and make styling easier. While this hair treatment can be pricey for some, other people swear by it and say it is well worth the expense.


Like all hair salon services, the price of keratin treatments depends on where you live and how experienced the stylist is. The specific products used and hair length are also price factors, so be sure to get an estimate that’s tailored to you. Generally speaking, this service floats in the $200 range across Georgia. In Atlanta specifically, $250 per appointment is an average cost.


While you may find a place offering a lower price, the best hair salons in Atlanta charge around $250 because their stylists have the expertise to make this treatment worthy of its price tag. You will get to enjoy shinier, smoother hair that is easy to tangle and dry.

Getting the Most from Your Treatment

Keratin treatments aren’t permanent; most last one to two months. To get the most value for your dollar, go to a full-service salon with experienced staff you can trust.


Furthermore, avoid getting your hair wet, applying products, or styling your hair during the first few days after your appointment. Afterward, use sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free products, wash less frequently and keep your hair well-moisturized by sleeping with silk or satin and brushing often.